As kids develop, they first grow primary teeth that later give way to permanent teeth. Some parents believe that early childhood dental care is not important since kids lose their baby teeth anyway. On the contrary, pediatric dentistry is of the utmost importance. Here are four crucial things that pediatric dentists can do for little ones.

1. Teach kids how and why to care for their teeth.

Childhood is a time of learning important habits that will stick with kids into adulthood. Learning how to brush and floss their teeth are basic life skills that every child should have. Pediatric dentists have realistic models that they can use to show kids how their teeth should be brushed and flossed. Children's dentists can also explain how cavities form when teeth are neglected. Understanding the reason why their parents ask them to brush their teeth every day can make kids more attentive to their dental health.

2. Keep kids from missing school.

Education is important for growing young minds. At a glance, it may not seem like dentistry and education have much in common. However, kids who experience oral issues are more likely to miss school due to emergency dental appointments. Providing your child with regular preventative care at a pediatric dental practice is a great way to ensure that they're healthy enough to attend school each and every day.

3. Prevent toothaches.

It's true that baby teeth usually fall out on their own before kids reach their teen years. However, that doesn't mean that the health of those baby teeth can be neglected in the meantime. Baby teeth are just as susceptible to cavities and decay as permanent teeth are. No one likes to see their child in pain. Fortunately, you can help your child avoid toothaches through preventative and restorative care. Pediatric dentists can keep kids' teeth healthy through regular cleanings and perform dental fillings if cavities develop.

4. Help kids avoid oral injuries.

Kids are naturally active and full of energy. Many kids like to expend their energy by running around and playing sports. Sports can be a great way for kids to keep their bodies healthy. However, they can also cause oral injuries due to accidents. Pediatric dentists can do their part to help kids avoid oral injuries by creating sports mouthguards for active children. Mouth guards cushion teeth to prevent tooth loss and soft tissue damage.

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