Root canals can seem overwhelming. If your dentist says you need a root canal, you may be scared or nervous about it. Thankfully, oral care technology has made the root canal process much easier and is not something to be fearful of. Root canals can be so beneficial and can help you keep your own teeth rather than having them replaced. The following are some things you need to know about root canals and why they are so beneficial.

You Will Not Lose Your Tooth

The goal of a root canal is to save as much of a natural tooth as possible. If you do not take measures to save the tooth with a root canal, chances are the tooth will have to be pulled. This will leave you either needing a tooth replacement or an empty space where the bad tooth was located. If you lose the tooth and do not replace it, you lose the bone structure underneath the tooth because the tooth and its roots are what keep the bone alive. Once this begins, the surrounding teeth are at risk of shifting or even becoming loose.

The root canal allows the dentist to clean out all of the decay and bad roots and retain as much of the natural tooth as they can. After the area is cleaned out, a crown goes on top of the remainder of the tooth to ensure you can use the tooth like normal.

You Will No Longer Be in Pain

A tooth that needs a root canal likely is causing you pain. Any time a tooth is decayed, it is susceptible to infection. The infection is what causes you to have a toothache. Teeth that have major decay can be excruciating and will not get better until you have some intervention. A root canal will remove the source of the infection and relieve you of the pain once and for all.

If you are worried about pain you may endure during the root canal, do not be fearful. The dentist will numb the area completely to make sure you never feel anything during the procedure. After your root canal, the dentist will prescribe both antibiotics to ward off any infection as well as some pain relief medication. You can also use warm and cold compresses if you still feel some discomfort. However, any discomfort from a root canal will not compare to the pain of a never-ending toothache caused by decay and infection.

For more information about root canal procedures, contact a local dental clinic.