Getting a dental crown is a very common experience for one to go through. Many people have experienced dental damage, either in the form of something like a root canal or a physical injury. When the tooth is open to the surface, it's necessary to put a crown there to protect it, and temporary crowns are often utilized in order to protect the tooth. However, these crowns can cause problems for some people. If you've had temporary crowns in the past and weren't happy with your experience, then read this guide to help avoid them in the future.

The Problem With Temporary Crowns

Temporary dental crowns are a great way of protecting teeth, but they have their downsides. Since they're not custom-made, temporary crowns may not fit perfectly over your tooth. This could mean that biting down on that tooth could be painful until you get a proper crown.

Alternatively, temporary crowns sometimes cause problems for people because they can fall off. The perfect fit of a custom crown is part of what helps to keep it in place, and without that, it's possible for the dental cement holding it in place to become damaged or loose. At that point, you'd have to make an appointment to get the problem fixed, and then still come in once more to get your permanent crown put on. Thankfully, there's a way to avoid all of these problems the next time you need a dental crown.

Same-Day Crowns

It wasn't that long ago that having a crown made for you in a lab somewhere was the only option. However, times change, and now same-day custom crowns are a possibility.

With a combination of computer imaging and automated machines, your dentist can make a crown for you right there in the office. This means that you don't need to get a temporary crown at all and that you can avoid the hassle of having to come in after a mold or scan is taken of your teeth to have the real deal installed. Same-day crowns can be built and put in place all in the same visit.

What to Expect

Getting a same-day crown is a very easy process for the person in the dentist's chair. Your dentist will look over your records and have a little chat with you, and then perform a physical exam to take a look at the tooth or teeth that need crowns. From there, they'll use a device to take a 3D scan of the inside of your mouth. This will let a computer understand the exact size and shape of your tooth.

Once your dentist has put the information in the computer, a machine will start to carve and chisel out your brand new dental crown from real porcelain. Once this process is complete, the crown will be totally ready to be put on. It's applied the same way as a standard crown, with a bit of dental cement.

Getting a dental crown doesn't have to be a multiple appointment hassle anymore. If you've been upset with the quality or complications tied to your temporary dental crowns in the past, then it's time to skip them completely and go with a same-day crown instead.

For more information on a same-day crown, contact a company near you.