Dental crowns provide a wonderful solution when a natural tooth is unstable or unsightly. Crowns (also called caps) are created to look just like your natural teeth and fit over a damaged tooth. When it comes to the stability of your crown, the fit is very important. Read on to learn more about getting the perfect fit for your crown.

Loose-fitting Crowns Create Problems

When you wiggle your new crown back and forth, you should notice little to no movement. The more surface area of your natural tooth that is available, the more secure your crown will be since the crown is cemented directly onto it. While your natural teeth may wiggle a bit (that is normal) a crown ought not to wiggle as much as your natural teeth do. If the crown is fitted too loosely, it might be more prone to breakage. The other problem with loose crowns is that if bacteria gets into the space between the gums and the natural tooth, decay and gum diseases can result.

A Tight Fit With Neighboring Teeth is Vital

You might have become so accustomed to the natural gaps in your teeth that you seldom notice them. Unfortunately, you might be in for a surprise after being fitted with a crown. Crowns have to sit flush with the teeth around it for several reasons. This can mean you will have to adjust to the new look of your teeth without any gaps. A healthy mouth depends on teeth that have very little space between them. Spaces allow other teeth to gradually migrate around and that can lead to loose teeth, decay, and periodontal diseases. A perfect space can be judged by the way your floss fits. You should be able to get the floss between your teeth, but just barely. If you cannot get the floss to fit or you notice a gap, let your dentist know about it right away. The crown material can be trimmed down to create a better fit.

A Natural-feeling Bite is Important

It can take a few days to get used to your new crown. You may notice it feels strange when you chew now but you should not notice any pain or discomfort. If more than a week or so has passed and you still haven't adjusted to your new crown, phone your dentist. The way your teeth come together can play a part in everything from decay to more serious disorders. The longer you waited to have the crown installed, the longer it might take to get used it, however.

Speak to your dentist to learn more about the importance of fit with a new crown.