If you lose a dental crown, you want to get in to see the dentist right away. If you happen to lose your crown during the weekend or at night after your dentist has closed, then it is best to get in to see an emergency dentist right away, especially if you are in pain. You can learn more information about dental crowns, why they may come out and what you can do by reading the information provided right here.

What can make a dental crown come out?

There are a number of reasons why a dental crown may come out. One reason why a dental crown may come out is due to a cavity. If a cavity gets to the point where the tooth under the crown suffers enough tooth rot, then it can cause the crown to not be adhered as well as it once was, and this can cause the crown to come out.

Another reason why a dental crown can come out is due to teeth grinding. This is why it is so important for you to see the dentist right away if you feel that there is any chance you have been grinding your teeth. You can know that you are grinding your teeth if your partner tells you, if you wake up with headaches and tender jaws or if you notice your teeth are starting to wear down on the pointed areas.

Something else that can cause your crown to come out is an injury that is so traumatic that it causes the crown to come right off of your tooth. The cement that has bonded the crown onto the tooth can also start to disintegrate and this can cause the crown to come out with even a slight injury.

What do you do when a crown falls out?

When you have a crown fall out you want to make sure you do what you can to save it. If you can save it, then you may be able to save yourself trouble and money. Here are some tips for saving the crown until you can get to an emergency dental office to hopefully have the crown put back in.

Never try to put the crown back in yourself. You can cause more problems by putting it in wrong or by breaking off more of your tooth in the process.

You want to put the crown in a piece of gauze and put it in a plastic container to keep it well-protected. Don't try to clean the crown to ensure that nothing else happens to it. The dentist can worry about cleaning it off.

When it comes to your mouth, you want to rise your mouth out well with warm water. When you spit the water out, you should do so in a bowl. This is a precaution in case more pieces of the crown or tooth happens to come out in your spit. If they do, wrap them in tissue also and place them in the container as well.

Take all the pieces of the crown and your tooth in to a dentist as soon as possible. Of your dentist isn't open then get in to see an emergency dental care service. The longer you go with your crown out, then more damage your tooth can incur.