Are you looking for a new dentist? Have you recently moved to a new town or city? If so, you are probably having mixed feelings about your move. On one hand, you are probably excited about having new experiences. On the other hand, it might be a bit of a pain-in-the-neck to get yourself established in your new area, including finding a new doctor and a new dentist for your family to use. 

Or, you might be looking for a new dentist because your present dentist, the one you have used for years and maybe even grown to love, is now retiring. Whatever the reason, from meeting the office staff to getting established as new patients, here are some ideas that might help you and your family.

The Dental Office - Of course, you are more than likely most interested in the qualifications of the dentist you will use. However, don't you also think it's important to feel good about the actual dental office you and your family will visit? Think of visiting more than one dental office so that you can get a feel for the type of service you will receive. For example, is the reception professional and friendly? Does the office have things in it that will make your children feel comfortable while they wait their turn to see the dentist? For example, is there a small table with coloring books and crayons ready for children to use? 

The Dentist And The Hygienist - If you are using a dentist that will serve your entire family, it might be a good idea to meet the dentist and his or her hygienist to see if they are going to be the type of people who will be friendly with your children. Think of asking if you can bring your family into the office, not only to meet the people in the front office but also to meet the dentist and the hygienist. And, find out other things that are important to you, too. For example, how are messages returned? If a specialist is needed, such as an orthodontist, will your dentist have names that he or she will give you for that specialized type of service? 

Once you have established yourself with your new dental office, consider making appointments that can be taken care of during school breaks, say during the summer break and then again during the Christmas break. For more information, contact a company like University Dental Group PA.