As a young adult, you probably still have a large amount of the same energy that you had during in your teen years and in high school. Playing outdoor sports is often a good way to channel this energy and remain active. However, outdoor sports can also result in craze lines which are considered to be shallow cracks on the surface of your enamel. The deeper the cracks become, the more you will notice your enamel weakening. This can result in a lot of tooth sensitivity while eating or drinking and nonstop discomfort. Luckily, there are a few tips that you can use to protect your teeth from craze lines when playing your favorite outdoor sports.

Wear a Sports Mouth Guard

People wear mouth guards for a number of reasons, including to avoid sleep apnea and as a way to protect their teeth from damage during sports. Sports mouth guards differ a bit from traditional mouth guards because they are specially designed to handle high-impact sports. A sport mouth guard is not only great for protecting your teeth from contact from another player but it will also protect your teeth if you happen to fall. Hitting the ground full force is often how a number of dental issues occur during sports. It may be tempting to go without your sport mouth guard; however, the mouth guard will ensure that your teeth remain healthy.

Wear the Recommended Protective Gear

If you are playing a sport for fun, then it may not be as intense as if it were a professional environment. However, this does not mean accidents cannot happen. In order to avoid any injury from hits or falls, you should wear the recommended protective gear. Sports like football will include helmets and padding throughout the body as well as below the chin. Helmets are designed all areas of your face including your mouth. If you are not too comfortable wearing a traditional football helmet to play intramural sports, then you can look for helmets that are soft. These helmets will still offer you protection but are not has bulky and uncomfortable to wear. Also, if someone does come in contact with the helmet without pads, the contact will not hurt as much.

The idea of developing craze lines does not mean that you need to avoid your favorite outdoor sports. Instead, use these tips to make sure your teeth are always protected and remain in healthy condition. For more tips, speak with your dentist.