A lot of people believe that invisible braces are better for adults than kids, and there may be some reasons this is true; however, there are also several good reasons why invisible braces are ideal for teens. If your teenage child needs braces and want invisible ones, you may want to consider paying the extra price for them, because teens can benefit from these in many ways. Here are three important benefits your teen may experience from choosing invisible braces over traditional braces.

Invisible Braces Are Better For Self-Esteem

According to a recent study, the majority of teens ages 12 to 17 stated they would feel self-conscious wearing traditional metal braces. In addition, this study concluded that teen boys had more concerns over this than teen girls, but both boys and girls admitted they would smile less often if they had metal braces.

While braces are extremely common for kids in this age group, many that have braces do feel self-conscious about it. It can be hard for teens to fit in and feel good about themselves, and many tend to worry most about the way they look. If they look different from other teens in any way, it can cause their self-esteem to suffer.

With invisible braces, your teen might be able to have better thoughts about him or herself. He or she may feel more confident around others, and this could greatly improve your child's self-esteem. Having a high self-esteem is vital for teens and their success in life.

Invisible Braces Are Ideal For Teens In Sports

If your teen is involved with a physical type of sport, such as football or basketball, your teen's mouth might be more at risk for injuries with metal braces. Metal braces are made of small metal brackets and wires. Each tooth will have a bracket on it, and the wire will run through all the brackets. If a ball or person bumps against a person's face that wears metal braces, the person could end up with cuts in the gums, cheeks, or lips. Getting bumped like this can also cause the brackets to fall off, and this will require an extra trip to the orthodontist.

With invisible braces, there are no risks like this. There are no metal brackets or wires, and the clear trays a person wears cannot cause cuts in his or her mouth. If you are worried about injuries like this, choosing invisible braces would be the better option.

Invisible Braces Teach Responsibility

Finding ways to teach your teens to be responsible is one challenge many parents face, and choosing invisible braces might be a good option you have for this. Invisible braces are removable, which is a clear difference from regular braces. Because of this, your teen will have to make sure he or she wears them as much as possible. Failing to wear them enough will cause the process to take longer, and most orthodontists recommend wearing them all the time except when eating. In addition, your teen will need to learn how to clean and care for the aligners on a daily basis, and this too will teach your child responsibility.

As a parent, you may want to develop guidelines and consequences to help your child learn responsibility through this. For example, if you catch the teen without the aligners, you may want to give him or her a consequence for this. Over time, this can help your teen learn how to be more responsible in life.

Invisible braces can be a great choice for teens or adults. If you would like to learn more about this option, contact an orthodontist that offers Invisalign services. For more information, consider a site like http://www.dentistryoffayetteville.com